Online Home Yoga Retreat

Recharge, nourish & ground yourself from the comfort of your own home! 

Wouldn't some time to unwind and totally relax be divine? Especially after the recent challenging global events of the last months?

Get away from it all, nourish yourself and help your soul shine! The Online Yoga Retreat is your chance to switch off and unplug from day to day stresses. This transformative 6 days will help you to press the resent button and find your balance. We will be embarking on a journey of yoga, breathwork, meditation, journaling and healthy food choices. 

Rebalance your body and mind connection and find the way back home to yourself within this 6 days.

Disconnect to reconnect! This is more than just a yoga retreat - it's a healing week to help destress, rebalance & detox emotionally, physically and mentally.


What does the retreat include? 

  • Daily playful and creative yoga sequences with different focus (hips, shoulders, neck, back, legs, core) for beginners as well as advanced yogis
  • A daily motivational "love letter" with inspiring content, each day has a different focus like mindfulness, selflove, grattitude, balance, strenght, flexibility
  • Daily journaling prompts
  • Meditations, heallty recipes, pictures, quotes, breathing exercises, a guided self massage & yoga nidra, playlists and much more!