BUsiness Yoga for your Company

Why Business Yoga?

  • increased well-being of your employees
  • balanced & positive work environment
  • higher productivity & efficiency
  • high team building potential
  • burn out & disease prevention
  • increased concentration & focus
  • prevention of back pain & other injuries that occur because of working & sitting on the desk
  • work-life-balance
  • higher motivation
  • stress relief
  • tax benefits


  • Business Yoga classes 
  • Chair Yoga classes 
  • Yoga for your Team Events
  • Yoga for Company Events
  • Effective Breath Work (Pranayama) to increase clarity, focus & concentration and to relief stresses & tension
  • Guided Meditations for mindfulness in the workplace & to quiet and clear the mind, release blockages & tensions
  • 1-on-1 Yoga or breath work classes or meditations for employees, team leads and CEOs to improve leadership skills